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The number one grappler in the nation, Brian Debes, is teaching self-defense the non-traditional way -- no-gi -- at his new studio, 10th Planet, right here in Southeast Texas. The 134-pound, self-proclaimed non-athlete and Lamar industrial engineering graduate, known as "barncat" in the mixed martial arts world, told us about his sport, his business and how he subdues opponents twice his size.

Q: You're... skinny, and you've said you're non-athletic. How did you become a ranked grappler?

A: I really wanted to do it. I like the whole philosophy that the smaller person can beat the bigger person and that it was possible and, of course, it's needed for self-defense for females. I'm successful because of the technique and being dedicated to it and focused on that. Technique is what makes someone good, which comes with time, repetition. Most sports like basketball, for example, require some physical attribute - taller is better; with grappling, we work around whatever attributes you have. I've faced opponents at the expert level who had one leg. Ninety-pound women can excel at this sport. A lot of times the natural athletics that have had immediate success in every sport that are 250-pounds of brute force come into this sport and get choked out by a girl. Technique is key, and it's an intellectual and physical challenge. I've out trained and spent more time than my opponents, and that's how I've progressed.

Q: So you're ranked in no-gi. What is that?

A: Look at all martial arts, and they are all wearing the gi (pronounced gee) or kimono. It's like going in to learn self defense, and the guy teaching is working with a samurai sword. You can learn it, and it's a cool experience, but it doesn't make sense today. Another example, you can learn to use a lapel, but the opponent doesn't always have it in the real world. What makes the most sense is training for modern times. Things change, and you have to change the way you do everything. That includes martial arts without the gi, and we're the first no-gi Jiu Jitsu in the Golden Triangle.

Q: We've heard you're called "barn cat." Is that part of the rank?

A: I got that name from my instructor, Eddie Bravo, for my ability to implement some of the techniques he created like the rubber guard that allows the person on the bottom to maneuver to the top position. The rubber guard was invented by Eddie Bravo to deal with the problem that there is no gi to grab. The move limits the opponent's options, so you can set up things, and it slows things down. I'm also known for my heel hook, which is a type of leg lock that allows you to control the other person's legs and hips with their legs.

Q: Who is Eddie Bravo, and what is 10th Planet?

A: 10th Planet is my business, a great facility of 2500-square feet of mat space, two restrooms, locker area at 5925 Caswell Road in Beaumont, where I have a solid competition team, one of the strongest in this area. 10th Planet also represents a non-traditional, no-gi system of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu developed by Eddie Bravo, a third-degree black-belt who trained under Jean-Jacques Machado. Bravo really focused his Jiu Jitsu on training without the gi in order to enhance its applications for use in mixed martial arts. So he is the founder of this non- traditional system and of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, which represents ever-evolving methods to attack and counter.

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